Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pom Pom Critters

I'm still having just too much fun making little pom pom birdies and assorted critters. Amazon tells me that my book is on the way earlier than expected and I can hardly wait! Even though I'm guessing and using el cheapo acrylic yarn to practice with I still think they turn out pretty cute. I went through all my old pattern books and pulled out anything to do with pom poms. One of the books has a great polar bear which I tried. I think modern ready made pom poms are different from the old ones.They don't want to fluff up so my polar bear has obvious joins. The mouse has issues - Still cute though:) I seem to be best at birds so far...
In other news I just finished my second elephant for Kelapo Coconut Oil. This one is a much smaller version and done in crochet thread instead of worsted yarn. I had lots of fun blinging him out with sequins and beads:) The owner wants to take him with her to meetings so I made the tusks out of polymer clay instead of crocheting them. I'm hoping that they'll hold up to travel better. Plus I starched the heck out of his ears!

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