Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pom Pom Easter Chicks

 So I opened up the latest bulletin from my book club and found the most amazing book by Myko Bocek. She makes these fantastically cute pompom bunnies, little chicks and even an elephant. Somehow I've missed her all this time on Etsy. The problem is that the book doesn't come out until sometime in March 2013. Easter is the last weekend in March...not a whole lot of lead time there and I was just so eager to try it myself!

I imagine she's gotten swamped with all kinds of emails and messages because her Etsy shop seems to have been put on hold and my message to her appears to have gone astray. Nothing left to do but wing it:)

Off I went to make my own pompoms. Being a frugal sort I used some acrylic yarn I have laying around, not 100% wool. My first one became this little guy's head. I just wrapped around my fingers. The body was made with a template I found here. I've since gotten some of the Clover pompom makers but I think I like the finger method best.

The legs are pipe cleaners wrapped with embroidery floss, the beak is a little bit of felt and the eyes are the black plastic doll eyes you can get in the big craft stores.

It took a little time to get him all together but it was just so much fun:) He stands on his own and I just have to smile every time I see that wide open beak. 

I ended up making him a little display stand and swapping out his ribbon - is this just too cute or what?