Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pompom Birdie Spring Wreath

This little pink birdie needed a home so I decorated a grapevine wreath for her.
I'm getting overrun with little birds as I practice my pompom making skills!

I also finished the first project from the book. I really, really wish I'd thought of the bow before I glued the egg in place! Oh well, it was finicky but I got the ribbon on there:)

And now Miss Bunny is holding an egg present and I'm happy with her. I'm starting another pompom rabbit but this time using a combination of techniques from all my pompom books, old and new. Waiting for some glue to least favorite part of the process. Hopefully pictures soon!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pompom Bunny!

Bet everyone's been wondering what happened to my obsession with pompom animals. Adventures in Pom Pom Land did arrive last Friday, just very late in the evening via UPS. I read it cover to cover immediately:) Lots of good information but I had to learn needle felting which required some tools and a slight delay until my coupons were good, lol!

I had been working on some birds while I was waiting for the book to arrive and I have to say, it's hard to go wrong. Even the ones that are less than perfect are still cute as all heck.

At the same time I've been working on my first project from the book itself. A little Easter Bunny. I even used the specified materials for a change...well, mostly. As I said earlier, lots of great information but also odd little omissions. Like I'm supposed to use a seed bead for the nose but there's no mention of what size. I ended up with a size 8 but I may try a size 6. I also didn't have 10mm eyes so I used 9mm. Turns out the shank on a plastic safety eyes snips right off with wire cutters:) Cover it with your hand before cutting though, or it'll shoot off like a bullet, possibly into your eye.

Miss Bunny is holding a vintage glittered Easter egg and I haven't quite decided on other embellishments yet. She's also quite a bit bigger than I thought she'd be - about 6" tall NOT including the ears. That's in the correct range according to the book, but I think I didn't trim down the pompom as much. For a first attempt I'm pretty happy with her, what do you think?