Saturday, July 26, 2008

Plastic Bag Crochet

So yesterday I was taking a break from writing and stumbled across the whole plastic bag crochet thing. You know, where you use your plastic grocery bags to crochet stuff. Of course I immediately cut up a bag and made a little pot scrubber.

As a useful tool for cleaning dishes I'll stick to my scotchbrite sponge, but boy did it make some durable fabric in single crochet! Plus I really like the idea of a shopping bag made of shopping bags. Have you noticed the grocery stores now have canvas bags at the checkout for you to buy? Over priced and all with some reference to going green boldly printed upon them. Not to be too cynical, but I sure wish I had that sewing contract...

I'm old enough to miss the way the old paper bags let you pack things in there in some sort of logical order, unlike the jumbled mess in a plastic sack. One of my first jobs was a bagger in a supermarket. It was like working a jigsaw puzzle with a time limit. Plus the paper bags pretty much stayed put in the back of the car instead of letting things roll about.

I'm designing a pattern for a small tote and will publish the pattern on my Etsy site. Maybe we can get rid of a bunch of the plastic bags cluttering up the world:)

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